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An Oncoming Tear

An Oncoming Tear

I look outside and the sky is only gray
All that resides in my mind is a thought
All that resides on my cheek is a tear
I could never feel that you left
Because that night, for two hours, you talked to me
And all that ever crossed my mind was you.

And all that ever makes me expand my mind is you
Even though my world seems monochromatically gray
If anyone were to look deep inside me
It turns and twirls colorfully with thought
Look at everything I have left
With color like this, who could ever shed a tear?

Despite the color I have shed a tear
Too many times, not of you
But because the world has left
And it still can look so gray.
My mind pauses with that thought
And I know what it does to me.

I hope you never have the ability to forget me.
I hope I am not just one passing tear.
I know that my actions have invoked some thought
In the ever-changing world of you.
At any time I could leave you seeing gray.
Cuz you have no clue what would happen if I left.

There's this feeling inside, or a feeling that left,
A feeling you can feel with no one but me.
It is more than noticeable when you're feeling gray
Or when you feel an oncoming tear,
And those are things I hardly see in you.
Maybe because I keep you in abstruse thought.

I love to see you delving into an unexpected thought,
One of those thoughts where nothing is left
But the thought I implied, me, and you.
Then you take that hidden look at me
Like there's temporarily an oncoming tear
That could possibly leave you gray.

It is only you that insinuates this kind of thinking in me.
We both withdraw a new thought each time we part, in
case we've left
Permanently this time, in case there's an oncoming tear, we have that last thought to keep us from feeling gray.

Julia McClenon

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